The missing Fuzeau pages



Editions Fuzeau has published a facsimile edition of Der Fluyten Lust-hof, in the series Méthodes & Traités 8 - Flûte à Bec - Volume II. The facsimile is based on copies preserved in the British Library, London. The first volume is the undated 3rd edition (c.1656), the second volume the 2nd edition of 1654.

When reproducing the first volume, Fuzeau has forgotten two pages: folio 27b ('Psalm 103', variat. 3, end) and folio 28a ('Van Goosen', theme and variat. 1 + 2). In the Fuzeau they should have appeared at the top of page 30.

As a service to those who have the Fuzeau Edition and nevertheless want to have a complete Lust-hof, we present the missing pages in pdf. Just click on the icon below: